About Our Restaurant

The fusion of the passion and the experience of the chefs resulted in a new vision of pizza.
The sourdough is mastered to perfection and the menu offers a new and unconventional choice.
Friends in life, although from different universes, we have combined our knowledge to offer you an unexpected gustatory moment, but always in the pleasure of good things.
The mixture of Italian traditions and values, together with the audacity of the chefs makes the restaurant a welcoming and surprising place.
Located in the center of Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin since March 2021, Mamida is the perfect place to enjoy dinner with your family and friends.


Head Baker & Co-founder

Mikel is the Pizza Chef at Mamida and is a trained baker with more than 15 years experience. He is responsible for selecting the flours, creating the fermentations and all the entire dough process. Throughout his career he has developed a passion for experimenting with wild yeast and sourdough as well as bringing different flavor combinations together. Mikel is using this passion to create a unique pizza style and experience.